Izmir, Turkey

I decided to see a bit more of Turkey while I was here, something beyond Istanbul.  So, I went to Izmir for two weeks, because it gave me the opportunity to visit Pamukkale and Ephesus.  More on that later. Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city and sits on the enormous Bay of Izmir.  The bay […]

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Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul:  A great city by any other name.  And it has had a few.  Other names, that is.  Starting in the olden days, the site has been regularly inhabited since at least 3,000 BCE.  The Greeks established the city of Byzantium in the 7th century BCE.  Later, the Roman emperor Constantine established his capital here

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Cairo, Egypt

I was very excited to visit Cairo and to see the wonders of ancient Egypt.  My first impression of Egypt is that I would never want to drive here.  Nope, never. The thing about driving in Cairo, is you have to understand the recommendations.  The dashed white lane-lines are recommendations.  Use them in any way

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Innsbruck, Austria

I took a short trip over (4 hours by train) to Innsbruck, Austria’s 5th largest city.  Innsbruck has a population of 130,000, while Vienna, the nation’s capital and largest city by far, has a population of 1.9 million.  Innsbruck is surrounded by mountains, nestled in the Inn valley, straddling the Inn River.  Vienna is not

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Vienna, part II

Turns out that Vienna is really boring.  I realized this as I was lying on my bed, foot elevated, Achilles tendon throbbing for the 17th consecutive day.  Boring!  Even the ceiling is boring. I’m sorry.  That was a lie.  My Acchilles tendon did not throb for 17 days straight.  Maybe 5.  By that time, another

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