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waiting on a visa
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Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Innsbruck, Austria Long story short:  I spent a month in Austria and Switzerland.  I thought it would be a nice Euro ski trip.  Silver lining (part I), I saved a fortune...
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San Francisco, California and back to Colorado
Fisherman’s Warf, SF SF tunnels With a stop off at Lake Tahoe and Reno, I made my way to San Francisco.  I went to SF to submit my paperwork for a D7 Retirement via to...
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Colorado, US of A
Ok, so I’m back in the US of A after 18 months.  My current long-term plan is to get a visa to move to Portugal. Breckenridge, CO Why Portugal?  Portugal is an incredibly...
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Munich, Germany
New Town Hall What can I say?  Munich is Munich.  A great city with a lot of beer halls, a famous festival, and the dirndl.  The Bavarian dialect is quite strong, so...
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Porto, Portugal
Porto River Front. Porto sits on the Douro River, just a few miles from the Ocean, but it doesn’t feel like it.  The hills of the city provide great views, but the city also...
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