Munich, Germany

New Town Hall

What can I say?  Munich is Munich.  A great city with a lot of beer halls, a famous festival, and the dirndl.  The Bavarian dialect is quite strong, so good luck with your high school German.  Oh, they can understand your Hoch Deutsch, but there’s a good chance you won’t understand them.  I find it easiest to stick with ‘Hallo’, and ‘Bier, bitte.’

As per usual, I arrived after Oktoberfest.  They still had plenty of their special Oktoberfest beer, but without the crowds, and cheaper rooms.  I stayed near the Ostbahnhof (east train station) because there is a direct line from/to the airport.  The Munich airport is one of the few airports that has transit right at the terminal.  It worked out sehr gut.

Outdoor Climbing Wall

I met a Wolpertinger, a distant relative of the jackalope.  It is cool and scary, at the same time.  I had some schnitzel with beer, some beer with ribs—saw a man wearing lederhosen—and some beer with beer.  Can’t say much about the nightlife as I was in bed by 9:30 every night.  I know, party on Garth!

Good thing about early to bed, is fresh pastries in the morning. Pre-dawn, the bakeries are the only business that are open.

Morning Line at the Bakery

It must be time for a long nap.  See you the USA!

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