Sofia, Bulgaria

Good news, Austrian Airlines loads passengers from the inside out.  Window, then middle, then isle seat.  Pretty cool, but disheartening if you have an isle seat and don’t know why you’re getting on last.  Now I know, and approve. Bad news, I spent the first 6 days in Sofia battling a cold I caught from …

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Barcelona. Again.

Way back in June, I came to Barcelona, with the wide-eyed hope of an Ohio State Fair beauty queen first arriving in Hollywood.  I’m going to make it here!  But… No need to flip back to that post; here’s an extract. …“First thing I noticed: it is hot, humid and crowded.  The streets are always …

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Sorry.  The story of Valladolid doesn’t have ancient Iberian tribes or Romans.  It was founded in the 11th century, was the capital of Spain for a time, kings were born here, and Christopher Columbus died here.  Oh, and it’s the capital of the region of capital of Castile and León.   Hardly any history at all, …

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