I left Barcelona by high-speed train bound for Girona.  The 120-mph train journey took 40 minutes and cost about $20.  That’s a bargain in my book.  Not much to see along the way – lots of tunnels, some hilly terrain, and that’s about it.  But Girona is a real breath of fresh air. Girona is […]

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As you know, this blog is not a minute-by-minute travel blog.  It is a what’s-going-on, am-I-still-alive, what-are-my-general-thoughts travel blog.  Yes.  I am still alive. I spent my first week in Spain visiting the city of Barcelona.  Yep, it’s pronounced ‘Barthelona’ – ‘c+i’ and ‘c+e’ get the ‘th’ treatment, so get used to the lisp.  You’ll

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and it begins…

Sell condo.  Check.  Sell camper.  Check. Sell stuff.  Store stuff.  Donate stuff.  Check, check and check. What’s left?  Let’s see… change address.  A quick search shows that Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire (with some exceptions), South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming do not tax personal income.  Actually, change address, and residency, to a state

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