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Barcelona. Again.
Way back in June, I came to Barcelona, with the wide-eyed hope of an Ohio State Fair beauty queen first arriving in Hollywood.  I’m going to make it here!  But… No need to...
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Guggenheim Bilbao
Bilboa & San Sebatián
Basque Country Heading north from Valladolid, I first went to Bilboa and then San Sebastián.  Approaching Bilbao, the terrain changes from rolling plains to fairly rugged mountains. ...
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Sorry.  The story of Valladolid doesn’t have ancient Iberian tribes or Romans.  It was founded in the 11th century, was the capital of Spain for a time, kings were born here,...
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Seville and the Real Alcázar
Ah, Seville.  The capital of Andalucía.  That old Iberian town.  A Roman port on the Guadalquivir River; access to the Atlantic. Seat of power for the Abbadid and Almohad...
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Granada and (almost) the Alhambra
I spent 5 days in Granada, Andalucía, Spain.  I have to say that I found the city to be beautiful, fun, unique, and full of history.  Tourist flock to Granada in the Spring...
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Day trips to Toledo and Segovia
Toledo Planning stop-overs in every interesting town and village was not going to work.  Slowly, painfully, it occurred to me that I had to give up that idea.  What I needed...
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