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Medina, Casablanca
Casablanca, Morocco
Moroccan Train – 1st Class The train from Marrakech to Casablanca was good.  It was no Austrian train, natürlich, but it was good.  It departed on time.  That’s...
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Marrakech 4
Marrakech, Morocco
City Wall Morocco is a country that I have never before visited.  I can now cross it off the list.  The Red City of Marrakech (also, Marrakesh), which is neither the Moroccan...
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Vienna Transit
Good Bye, Wien
Karlskirche In my time in Vienna, I have only met one person who said they would live somewhere else.  He has lived in Vienna for over twenty years and said he would live in the...
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Innsbruck, Austria
Old Town Innsbruck I took a short trip over (4 hours by train) to Innsbruck, Austria’s 5th largest city.  Innsbruck has a population of 130,000, while Vienna, the nation’s capital...
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Das Gru Wien
Vienna, part II
Turns out that Vienna is really boring.  I realized this as I was lying on my bed, foot elevated, Achilles tendon throbbing for the 17th consecutive day.  Boring!  Even...
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Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Ah, Österreich!  But first, the train from Zagreb.  Could have taken a bus, but trains have bathrooms!  And bar cars!  For about the same price as the bus, you can ride the rails like...
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