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Old Town Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
I have traded Tbilisi, and weather in the 30s C, for Prague and the low 20s C.  And just in time, too.  The temps in Tbilisi are now in the 40 to 45 C range, or 104 to 113...
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Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia
Freedom Square, Tbilisi Everyone told me to visit Georgia, so I did.  Unfortunately, I was a bit too late.  Inflation, and the influx of young Russians, has gobbled up all...
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Izmir Turkey
Izmir, Turkey
Bay of Izmir I decided to see a bit more of Turkey while I was here, something beyond Istanbul.  So, I went to Izmir for two weeks, because it gave me the opportunity to visit...
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Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul:  A great city by any other name.  And it has had a few.  Other names, that is.  Starting in the olden days, the site has been regularly inhabited since...
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Sphinx, Giza, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
I was very excited to visit Cairo and to see the wonders of ancient Egypt.  My first impression of Egypt is that I would never want to drive here.  Nope, never. Light Traffic...
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Marsa Plage Tunisia
La Marsa, Tunisia
La Marsa, Tunisia As Ramadan was winding down—Just a week left to go—I went to La Marsa, Tunisia.  About as close as you can get to Sicily and still be in Africa.  Still, it was Ramadan...
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