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Belgrade to Bar Railroad
As you no doubt remember, I changed my itinerary so I could ride the famous Belgrade to Bar Railway.  It’s nearly 300 miles from Belgrade to Bar, or from Bar to Belgrade, and traverses...
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Belgrade, Serbia
I bet you’re wondering why I went from Albani to Serbia instead of Montenegro.  Another blunder?  No.  Well maybe.  We’ll see. Symbolic statues? I heard about a...
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Tirana, Albania
The Illyrian tribes migrated south from central Europe to the region we call Albania in the bronze age, around 4,000 years ago.  it’s a good location, check out a map.  It...
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Christ the Savior Orthodox Cathedral
Pristina, Kosovo
Skinny Bill The taxi driver informed me of a couple of fun facts during the short, rainy drive from the Pristina bus station to my hotel.  First, he told me that 70% of the buildings...
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Skopje, North Macedonia
People have been in the Balkans for quite a while.  First, there were Neolithic Farmers, then everyone from Greeks, to Romans, to Ottomans, to Austrians, to… Oops, did I skip the...
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Sofia, Bulgaria
Good news, Austrian Airlines loads passengers from the outside in.  Window, then middle, then aisle seat.  Pretty cool, but disheartening if you have an aisle seat and don’t know why...
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